Man In Drunk Lives Matter Shirt Charged With Drunken Driving

What some people don’t realize is drunk is not something people choose, any more than you choose your gender identity. People are born drunk. When you are part of the population that is drunk, you are prone to accidents, shorter lifespans, high risk behavior. You don’t go out one night and say, I am not going to be drunk tonight. It just doesn’t work that way. Drunk people are profiled and arrested for drunk and disorderly at a disproportionate rate to non-drunk people.

You don’t just stop being drunk. If your driving around as a drunk person, you will likely be pulled over and arrested. You can lose your car, license, job, even your life, just for being drunk. Jobs are significantly harder to get when you are drunk. You can’t even vote if you are drunk. Half my family is drunk, on my dad’s side. The struggle is very real. Even as a half drunk person, it is hard. I get it from all sides. Other drunks tell me, I’m not even a “real” drunk. They talk trash on my clothes, saying I don’t dress drunk. The way I talk. As if I am supposed to just slur my words. I hear people at work talk about drunks, like it’s some kind of scourge. Then I hear someone say, not that Dakota, he’s one of the good ones. What the hell does that even mean? Some lady at the store touched my bottle the other day. How is that even ok?! If I walked up to her and grabbed her beverage, I would’ve been charged with assault.

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